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Ski Chalet Staff Clean up the Stash

Snow Candy Ski Chalet staff, minus our skis and snowboards, joined in the ‘Clean up the Stash’ day along with many others today, all keen to clean up the Prolays area after the winter season.  On foot we climbed up the lush green mountain each with a bin bag in hand to find as much winter rubbish as possible. Four hours later and many bin bags full of interesting garbage and copeous amounts of cigarette ends the mountain was left harbouring just wild life and nature. . . . No one managed to find go pros, money (apart from the odd 20cents) or anything exciting but we certainly left the mountain a lot cleaner than we found it!  And to top off our fun day the Snow Candy team won a prize for the most rubbish collected. A good day had by all 🙂

Morzine Stash Cleanup

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